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  • Simulation Software Development - Progressing for Windows
    • Robot model creation, save, restore functions - implemented.
    • Model data display capability - initial working displays done.
    • Spatial Vector mathematical model constructed, including simple rendering in external viewer
    • Integrated 3D viewing - not started yet - currently using an external viewing tool.
    • Forward and inverse kinematics libraries - in translation/integration.
    • Motion controller interface in design - integrated or external application?
  • Robot controller - reuses simulation core code - without display functions.
    • C++ implementation will operate under Windows or Linux.
    • Operates on PC based industrialized embedded hardware.
    • Motion controller/gait generator in design for the 8 legged robot.
  • Robots in development -
    • Exploratory Spider Robot (ESR-1) in CAD modeling/development
    • Tracked robot - starting CAD prototyping
    • 6-wheeled articulated chassis - in CAD modeling/development